Lush Mask: Oatifix Review

So, as I continue to try every Lush mask I can get my hands on I recently came across Oatifix. I picked it because the Lush associate told me it was the most moisturizing and my poor Florida skin could not handle the cold of DC after returning to college from winter break.

First impressions

This product literally smells like a cookie, like I honestly wanted to take a bite the first time I sniffed it. It seems like a totally different texture than other Lush masks I’ve tried.



It doesn’t cover my face the same way other masks. it looks thinner but texture is a lot thicker, if that makes any sense. It will definitely last a long time, share with friends! It falls off your face when it moves but it won’t make your face harden or tighten up like other masks.

Washing it off was nice, it had a very gentle exfoliation to it that was enjoyable but not too rough. Once my face was washed my skin felt super soft and not dry anymore. I really appreciated how moisturizing this mask was.

Is it worth it?

This one will probably last more uses than other Lush masks because  a little definitely goes a long way. You could pick this up for $9.95 at your local Lush and definitely get a ton of uses out of it, it’s definitely worth the cost.

What’s your favorite skin care product? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. thatgirlari says:

    Great post, my personal fav is the Catastrophe cosmetic!

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    1. Syd says:

      I’ve used that one it’s great!

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  2. Ashley says:

    Great Post! I have never heard of this mask before and I laughed seeing you said it smelled like a cookie cause I thought it looked like cookie dough! I have only Used Younique’s Detoxifying mask.

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    1. Syd says:

      Well I’ll definitely be adding that to my list!


  3. I keep hearing about this one. The smell alone wants me to try it! My fav so far is Mask of Magnaminty!

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    1. Syd says:

      I still haven’t tried that one! But it’s on my list


  4. Jenny Morrison says:

    This sounds wonderful! I have not tried any of the Lush Masks! I have dry skin that is suffering through the cold winter. I will have to add this to my Birthday List!

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  5. lambamsworld says:

    This is such a great post , I love Lush products because they smell so divine . I have not heard of this mask before , thank you for reviewing 👍👍👍

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  6. DD´s blog says:

    Nice review, I’m also Lush lover 🙂

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  7. itisreal says:

    I haven’t done a face mask in years. However, it would probably do my skin a lot of good because the winters here are so very dry. Thanks for taking the time to put this post together.

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  8. Sarai says:

    I love Lush products! I haven’t tried this mask but I’m currently looking for a new mask, I’ll definitely add this to my list to try. Thanks for the review!

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  9. L. Bee says:

    I absolutely love Lush. I haven’t tried any of their masks but this one looks quite appealing.

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  10. hebahpervaiz says:

    Lush is the best!! I don’t know if I’m just hungry but it looks like hummus to me hahaha


    1. Syd says:

      Haha probably a little of both

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  11. Never heard of this mask. But seems great to nourish skin as it’s loaded with best ingredients. Thanks for review!

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  12. wdwrws says:

    I’ve never tried anything from Lush other than their bath bombs and bubbles, but I’m hearing so many good things about their skin care products that I think I’ll have to try more!

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  13. tachiwi says:

    My favorite skin care product is body scrub. Currently addicted to Soap and Glory. I would give this a try it looks good enough to eat 🙂

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  14. lucicoo says:

    I love Lush, it was so worth the price of the mask that I got. I have to try it. I got a Cranberry one, it smelled so yummy.

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