I Tried the TGIN Deep Conditioner

So if you know anything about me you know I am the worst natural in the history of the natural hair movement. I hate twisting my hair but I don’t know how to wash and go and I haven’t found my go to our and it’s honestly all just a mess. However, thanks to my girl Tamara I found what may just be my go to deep conditioner. I’ve tried a few, Cantu (fail) a Carol’s Daughter Conditioner (fail),  and some others I can’t even remember the names to.

My hair looked like this before and after it was washed.

And like this during the deep conditioning and after it was rinsed out.


I tried it again after I took my braids out and yep, this might be my new favorite deep conditioner. It smells great, my hair doesn’t start to feel dry until towards the end of my “every two weeks” wash cycle. I definitely would recommend this conditioner to all the naturals.


You can get this product at Target for $15.99.

*Featured image is from Target as well.

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  1. Shamira says:

    I love TGIN. Blacked owned brand 😍The products are great but I haven’t tried the hair mask but going to try when I take down a protective hair style. So far I used their products to straighten my hair. Great post love!!

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    1. Syd says:

      Thanks so much I definitely want to try some of their other stuff now


  2. SoSelfie says:

    Loved the before and after pictures!!!! I need that mask now!


  3. Erin says:

    haha I’m definitely in the club with you being one of the worst natural’s in the natural hair movement but I’ve been trying to get better. I haven’t tried TGIN products yet but I’ve heard great things.

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  4. Tiffany says:

    I have their leave in and I love it. Now I need to try this. I loved the results on your hair.


  5. Cassandra says:

    I have used TGIN products and like them. It’s one of my go to brands.

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  6. Donyell says:

    I haven’t tried this Tgin product before but I love deep conditioners!! I will have to give this one a try.


  7. Shakita says:

    I’ve seen this products but haven’t given them a try yet. I need a new conditioner in my regimen though!


  8. I absolutely love their leave in conditioner! It smells amazing. So I gotta give this a try. #BLMGirl


  9. I have never heard of them tbh . Thanks for introducing me to a new brand. I am always looking for great products for my hair. I will definitely be giving them a try . I love the name thank god its natural.

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    1. Syd says:

      They’re amazing and I’m almost 100% sure they’re black owned #bonus


  10. Feira says:

    Great review. I’m not very good at taking care of my natural hair. I like to moisturize, braid it up and go. It’s great to read a review about a product that can help make the process easier. Thanks.

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    1. Syd says:

      Keeping it detangled and moisturized is really the key


  11. bugbeeandme says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but I will say making my own hair masks can get tedious so for sake of saving time, I definitely will try this! thank you for the recommendation!


  12. Totally suggesting this to my bestie – she struggles with her hair!

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  13. The Stinson Crew says:

    I definitely need to check this out. It has some great ingredients.


  14. Jasmine - The Crowning Glory 👑 says:

    I’m glad it worked for you! Now I will give this one a try next time I stop by the beauty supply store.


  15. Alexis Nichole says:

    I’ve heard great things about that deep conditioner. I’m thinking about trying it out myself.


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