Why I love Beyoncé

I often see people questioning why women (black women in particular) love Beyoncé so much. And at one point I asked myself why do I love Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter; this is what I came up with.

1. She owns her sexuality

From a young age girls are taught to be ashamed of their bodies. Whether it’s by the school system and their ridiculous dress codes. Or jokingly by friends a family during puberty. From Naughty Girl til now Bey has never been afraid to get a little sexy, although she owns more openly now. 

2. I was raised on her art

You may get mad at me but this woman is literally like my Michael Jackson. I was raised on her. She was actually my first concert (with Destiny’s Child). She’s been a part of my world forever.

3. She supports what she believes in

Ms. Knowles-Carter has never been afraid to take a stand. Bey has never been one to be the most vocal about her beliefs but she has always supported her community financially and has spoken up when she felt it was necessary. 

4. She lets her skills and abilities speak for themselves

How does The Queen get her point across? She hits the best 8 count in history and serves you vocals. She’s worked to get where she is today and it shows in her performances and discography. She doesn’t get in arguments about being the greatest performer alive because she knows it and anyone arguing that fact is in denial. 

5. She never let critics and the industry tell her who she was

A black woman owning her power. It’s a beautiful and magical thing. Her Instagram and the rest of her public image is what she wants you to see. In an industry that tried to tell you who you are Bey has been able to tell them what she’ll be, what the public will know, and live possibly the most private life someone with her fame and success can have. 

Yes, Beyoncé is an amazing singer and performer who has never given me a bad album but she also represents so much more than that to me. Since I was young she’s been this image of a woman that is strong, successful, and black. And as of late she’s shown that she has imperfections and struggles as well, adding a layer to vulnerablity to her persona. Of course I admire all the black women in my life because they’ve bestowed some amazing qualities into me. But seeing Beyoncé be Beyoncé has been so instrumental in shaping who I am and who I want to be. She’s strong, hardworking, admittedly vulnerable, beautiful, successful, and so much more. That’s why I will always be a member of The Hive.  

Do you love Bey? What’s your favorite album? Check out the poll below and tell me your favorite Beyoncé song in the comments. 

19 Comments Add yours

  1. rosannaalicia says:

    Yaaaasss! Couldn’t agree more! Absolutey love Bey x


  2. tachiwi says:

    She is strong and full of self-confidence. Critics be damned. That is what I love about her as well


  3. I love her music!! Can’t never go wrong with Beyonce! 💃🏻


  4. Megan says:

    You made some really great points. I respect Beyoncé because she’s a strong independent woman. Some people project their confidence without even saying a word and she’s one of them. In an industry full of imitators she’s an original.

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  5. Laura Beth says:

    Yassss! I have grown up on Beyoncé’s music and believe that her confidence is so powerful. Great post!


  6. vidalthaver says:

    I’ve loved Bey ever since Destiny’s Child as well. They will forever be the best girl group!


  7. theephicialguide says:

    PREACH. Bey is queen

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  8. BeKlassic says:

    I love her music she is everything!👌❤😍

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  9. Chantel Elizabeth says:

    Yes! I agree, she is such an inspiration and such a powerful and influential woman. I look up to her a lot ☺️

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  10. I love Beyonce! She has been a music icon since she was 16 and starting in Destiny’s child. I’ve loved what she does with her work. The art and visual she puts in her music videos are breathtaking. She can ace any music genre and dominate the music charts. Her music will impact and move generations to come. May the queen forever reign.

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  11. leahhhh13 says:

    I can see why you like Beyonce so much, I like her but I am not a fan. She has made many songs that I like alot. She is a very classy lady and you really never hear anything bad about her.


  12. Totally agree! She is an awesome business woman and I love the fact that she is not super public with her personal life. She gives us, her fans, just enough to know her but not really know her and that keeps us on edge

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  13. Love this! I struggle to trust people that don’t love Beyonce lmao. The 4th point is the main reason I love her- you don’t hear from or about her until she is ready to release something great!

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  14. Cassandra Washington says:

    I like that she and her husband give back or pay it forward. She’s also a shrewd business woman.

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  15. Yes!!!! I totally agree with you on these! She is to me what MJ was to my mom. I love her ambition and how career oriented she is. She showed the world how powerful Black women are by still having an amazing and successful career while still building a family.

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  16. fancieland says:

    Yes to all of this! Beyonce is amazing in everything she does and owns it. I love that she’s private but will still step into her truth. I love me some Bey!


  17. YASSSS I’m here for the Bey-Hive!!! It was hard to pick my favorite album haha great article!!

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  18. Dafrastar says:

    I have stopped conversations over B. Like- if you do not like her, I do not need that kind of negativity in my life.
    Her work ethic just keeps inspiring me day after day- like when does she sleep??? And she has 3 kids? And a husband? And all her albums are fire? And she dances like she is double jointed? And she is pretty? AND SHE IS WOKE?
    Bruh haters need to stop the madness.

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