How to Fit All Your Clothes in Your Dorm

If you’re anything like me you have a lot of clothes. When I say a lot I mean it’s ridiculous how much you have and every time you go through your closet to choose things to donate you realize you wear the vast majority of it. But, going away to college makes having all these clothes quite hard. Often your closet at school is smaller than the storage you have at home but you don’t want to leave too much at home because what if you wind up needing it, right?

The solution is simple: choose your hangers wisely. When I say this I mean don’t pick those wide round hangers and hang everything individual item on its own hanger. There’s do it yourself versions of this dorm hack but I just go to Bed Bath and Beyond. I can save space and fit more pants and tops into my closet meaning that I can bring more with me.

You can try this blouse hanger from Bed, Bath, and Beyond…

Or this one…

Hang a bunch of pants on this trouser hanger…

Hang your shorts and skirts on these…





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dee Ervin says:

    I could use some of these ideas for my very small closet.


  2. sophiaaxo says:

    this is such an informative post especially for those in your situation!

    Sophia xo //


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