Signs of a Great College Roommate

I am extremely qualified for this. My freshman year I couldn’t bear my living situation but now, I room with my best friend, Melodie.

Sign 1: You all like the same things.

This in no way means that you don’t have your differences, but if you can find a good amount of similarities then things will work out just fine.

Sign 2: You can be weird around each other

If you’re weird you’re probably going to want to feel comfortable being weird in your own space. So, finding a roommate who’s okay with just how quirky you are (and who’ll be quirky with you) is key. Ask anyone, Mel and I are strange.

Sign 3: You can talk to each other

I tell Melodie everything, when I say everything I mean everything and anything. We also can talk about issues we have with each other (when she’s not throwing things at me).

You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate but you do have to respect each other. But if you and your roomie can have a special bond I recommend exploring it.

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  1. Taylor M. Harrison says:

    I can definitely relate and agree with this!


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