Your Fave is Problematic 

Before I begin, everyone is not perfect & people will make mistakes but at some point we all have to come to terms with how garbage some of our faves are and sometimes we even have to decide we can no longer give support to such terrible people. Here are some reasons it may be time to let go of your favorite:

They are a misogynist and an abuser that shows no willingness to learn 

You know exactly who I’m talking about *cough* Chris Brown *cough*. In my honest opinion if you consider yourself having a moral compass you would have dropped this man like a hot potato years ago but I get it Run It is and forever will be a bop. By buying tickets & streaming music and videos you’re giving financial support to someone who has been proven to abuse one of his significant others and has strong evidence to show that he has also abused his another. He also treats his fans like trash, flaming hot garbage but hey.

They are a rapist, a whole rapist 

I’m looking at you Kodak Black & R. Kelly fans, I’m looking right at you. They’re rapists and whenever you fix your lips to defend & support them you’re upholding rape culture.

They’re white & say the n-word or are just otherwise anti black

Drop them, drop them now. No explanation needed.

They’ve said all lives matter.

They do matter but either your faves a racist or they lack nuance to understand simple concepts, we don’t support those who don’t support us.

They are homophobic and/or transophobic 

It’s 2017, if your fave is spewing hate then they should’ve been left a long time ago.

They’re Tyrese.

 Don’t get mad it’s just his “intellectual” Instagram posts have to go. No one cares what you think of weave, or make up, or honestly anything else.

Trust me, I get it. Terrible people make really good music, but to an extent we cannot separate an artist from their art. Celebrities are public figures & if you continuously accept and ignore their toxic behavior you’re accepting social norms that hurt people every single day. Also, people are constantly learning sometimes they really do make mistakes, my fave has too but if they’re committing horrendous inexcusable acts it may be time to drop them.
Who’s your fave? Let me know in the comments! 

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