Happy New Year!

Now, I know that I’m super late with this post, but tis life. This started as a “leave it in 2016” post, however after reading Twitter for the past few days we clearly brought the foolishness into the new year already.
1. My first resolution is to update this blog more often. It’s sometimes hard to garner inspiration to write and I don’t think I did a terrible job in 2016 but I plan to improve in 2017 isn’t that the point of the new year? To grow and what not. Plus writing my thoughts down has always been very soothing to me and sometimes it’s good to feel like someone’s reading/listening.
2. To be nicer to others. I don’t think I’m necessarily mean but I don’t tend to have patience with people and it can come across rude sometimes and I think that’s something that I should definitely work on. 
3. Serving looks everyday. This is a whim of mine, I live by the motto “look good, feel good” and since I disappointed myself often in 2016 on the former the latter began to sink as well. So 2017 is all about looks, looks, looks. Oh, and finally mastering the art of eye shadow and hooded eyes. 
4. Eat healthier. Cliche? Yes. Real and increasingly difficult while I’m in college? Also yes. I kicked off the semester by buying fruits and vegetables to go with the mass amounts of chips and spicy noodles I consume in my dorm room.
So that’s it! Those are my new year resolutions. What are yours? Comment and share them with me! 

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