Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez & Chloe Moretz and the Debacle of White Feminist Twitter

I will begin with a timeline.

2009: Taylor Swift becomes a victim of a (albeit rude) attack on White Mediocrity in the face of Black Excellence. After winning a VMA for a music video that should be the theme song for Pick Me Twitter over the most iconic music video since Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Kanye West tells the world just that. This act launches Swift out of the hallows of Southern elementary school popularity & into mainstream success

2015: Taylor Swift develops a “girl squad” which includes a mostly white group of celebrity women. The media praises this as a feminist power move despite the fact that the group constantly puts down celebrities that aren’t squad approved (see Demi Lovato & Katy Perry).

2016: Kanye drops The Life of Pablo, it features the track “Famous”. Taylor uses the songs lyrics to paint herself as the same victim she was in 2016.

Last night Twitter exploded. Taylor Swift (A girl who wrote a song bashing another woman yet stands for “girl power”) was exposed as a liar who victimized herself at any opportunity possible. Kim Kardashian posted video evidence that Taylor Swift not one had knowledge of the lyrics of Kanye West’s Famous, but also approved of the song not once but multiple times during a phone call between West and Swift.

Last night was relevant for a lot of reasons. Not only did it prove once again that the media will clearly demonize a Black man, who continuously tried to defend himself, for the protection of a Black woman but it also brought out a flurry of white (and white passing) feminist tweets. Two women, Selena Gomez and Chloe Moretz took to Twitter to tell the public that we should all focus on other things other than popular culture shade and beef. (I’d like to acknowledge that the majority of the conversation about the Kardashian-West-Swift drama was from Black Twitter but isn’t that with everything)
Here are the tweets for your reference:

My first response was anger. How dare these white/white passing woman try to tell a group online made of majority Black people to be silent when we are enjoying one of our first bouts with amusement after weeks of seeing our brother and sisters blood shed all across then country. These women tried to tell US Black people who have been pulled off private property and threatened with tanks at protests for the past few weeks that WE should focus on bigger issues white they remained silent through it all. The disrespect the gall.

My second feeling was confusion. How could women in the media industry be so stupid. As a public relations major situations like this will be something I face everyday. But clearly these women had to know better than to go one rants and silence groups of people, they surely consulted their publicists. Then I realized, many of their publicists were probably just as ignorant as they are, developing many of the issues in the media industry we see nearly everyday. That’s why this situation also reinvigorated my desire to join to public relations industry and improve the way celebrities interact with the public that largely affects the way that society views you.
It’s almost as if these celebrities & their camps still do not understand that Black voices and opinions are what makes them successful. Once we turn our backs on you you’re nothing more than a joke & a meme. They should have thought before they tweeted.

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  1. A Fellow Black Princess says:

    I think you should reconsider your last paragraph. The black community does not determine the fame or worth of all celebrities. Rather than calling attention to injustices you are using petty tactics to play up drama and stir up animosity. If you truly cared about healing the hurt between races you would not attempt to discredit a woman based on her skin color. Taking a stance against a black celebrity’s actions reflects not an attack on his skin but on his behavior. Disagreeing with his attitude is not “silencing” the black community.


    1. Tara says:

      With all due disrespect, shut up. It’s liars like her that have falsely imprisoned countless black men over the years and killed many more. What you need to do is read a book or 12 on race relations and then ya know..maybe just maybe you’ll be allowed to have an opinion but until then disappear because you sound like you can’t handle some critique of your faves. Also nobody ever said the black community determine the worth of celebs but those same celebs bite the hell off of everything we do. We make them. So yeah. Bye.


    2. Sydney says:

      Actually. This mindset that you have about my final paragraph ignores that Black culture is the developer of what’s popular in mainstream culture. 99.9% of the things that are seen as “cool” & “trendy” began in the Black community. From our dress, to our music, to our hair, to even the shape of the Black woman’s body we are cash cropped as a community. Also, to disagree with your comment on “discrediting” Taylor based on her skin color blatantly ignores the fact that throughout American history Black men have been demonized by White women simply because they are an easy target. For example, Emmett Till was killed because a white woman was threatened by a young Black boy who whistled at her. So yes the issue of the demonization of the Black male in America is extremely relevant in this situation.


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