To be Young, Carefree, & Black

My mother raised me this way. She raised me to be a passionate young Black girl who loves her skin and her life. She’s trained me to be adventurous and curious, unafraid to travel & explore the world. She trained me to be this carefree being, long before the phrase was coined. However, there’s a downside to being a carefree Black kid. I believe, it’s our acute sense of awareness. Our lack of cares begins and ends with our desire to enjoy life. Because we hurt. We log onto social media to see our brothers and sisters losing their lives everyday and it hurts. Because we are determined to be liberated Black kings and queens in every sense of the word. We hurt because although we are “carefree Black girls” deep down we know that to many Black men we are nothing more than a stepping stone to the Black males liberation while we fight for their support in the battle for our own. We hurt because we lose friends we thought we’d love forever because they’re willfully ignorant about an emotional and physical war we are basically unable to escape. We hurt because we’re taught to be strong through it all because that’s “how Black people have always been” while we are in a constant dire need to release it all. Being young, carefree, & Black is to constantly be aware of our struggles yet still aim to become cultured, educated, and happy despite them. To b young, carefree, & Black is to lean on each other and to lift each other up. To be young, carefree, & Black is to fight for the liberation of all Black people no mater the circumstance. To be young, carefree, & Black is to feel pain constantly. To be young, carefree, & Black is to be magic.

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