Friend Roles are Friend Goals

Let’s be honest with ourselves; we all have different friends for different things. You might not go to the party with the same friends you go to the movies with and honestly that’s cool. Friend roles are important. Here’s a guide to friend roles using my friends as example:
Friend Roles Dictionary:
Melodie: A Melodie is the friend that keeps grounded. If you’re doing something dumb this friend is gonna give you the strongest side eye in history that reminds you to act like you’ve got some sense. Melodie’s are fun to do anything with they brighten up any day. Melodie’s speciality is advice and cheering you up. The super Melodie is known as Ania this version of Melodie will always make sure you’re on your best behavior.
Sasha: A Sasha is the friend who gets your jokes. Sasha’s are always the one you wanna go shopping with, have movie nights with and you two always want to to turn up together. Having a Sasha is good because if you’re goofy she’s goofy, if you’re mean she’s mean, if you do stupid dances she does stupid dances. You’re two peas in a pod. Sasha’s speciality is showing you a good time.
Nyiah: Nyiah’s are an interesting breed. Nyiah’s are the complex friend, you never know what you’re gonna get. If you have a Nyiah she’s probably snarky and witty, Nyiah’s give you a thick skin. Nyiah’s check you on your foolishness but not as nicely as your Melodie (see above) will.
Raven: Everyone needs a Raven. Raven’s are that friend who are always gonna have you trying something new and are gonna always bring you excitement and adventure. Raven’s also tell great stories of the adventures you weren’t ready to go on just yet.
Chanell: Chanell’s are big sisters. Chanell will check you when you’re out of control like the responsible guardian she is but when it’s time to have fun she’s the absolute best. She’s always up for a good time and if you need someone to fight the bullies and heartbreakers with she’s a go to.
AJ: For every Chanell there is a complimentary AJ. This is your big brother. If you have a bad day he’s the best person to call up and make you feel better. He’s also hilarious and has no issues picking on you for something you did when you were 6.
Amani: This is your rider. This is the friend you may wanna kill once a week but if it’s time to fight you’re rolling up with her. You two protect each other from any and everything and you stand the test of time.
Nia and Cleia: These two are a double header. Your first friends you made by yourself. You all will cherish that until your last days. These are the friends that you can not talk to for any given amount of time and call back on a random day and pick up right where you left off.
Rachel and Sireice: Actual evidence that Twitter friends can truly be your real friends. Always hilarious and perfect shade throwers. If you’re lucky these Twitter friendships will flourish.
Essense: Essenses’ are a good combination of friends. You get a little bit of everything with an Essense. Essense can get the tea, spill the tea, make you laugh, and check you all within a couple hours.
And that was Syd’s guide to friendship roles. Friendships can overlap and there’s nothing wrong with having friends in different niches as long as you genuinely love them the same. I wanted to share my friends with you tell me about yours! ~ Syd

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  1. Lucy says:

    I love it. I really do think everyone needs an Amani in their life.

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  2. Chanell says:


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  3. Mercy says:

    I really appreciate this because I have these types of friends too and I definitely think they overlap, but you hit it right on the knob.

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  4. Raven says:

    I like. Quite a lot .

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  5. Not my friend lmao love it tho


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