New Year, Same You

Every new year people make promises to themselves that generally fall through. We tell ourselves we’re going to lose weight, eat better, get closer to God, become more adventurous ect. But why? Maybe the reason our new year resolutions fail is because there’s nothing significantly wrong with who we were the year before. Maybe subconsciously we are happy with ourselves. Maybe we know deep down inside that our decisions to make changes is linked to other people’s expectations instead of changes for ourselves. In 2016 maybe our resolution should be to be the best us that we can be. Instead of making empty promises of exercise and dieting you could promise to become more comfortable in who the body you have. Maybe you can try new things, but don’t choose new things because you think it’s cool on other people, try to advance yourself in your own interests. A new year is always an opportunity to transform, but maybe what we should reflect on what why we want to change.  
2016 will be whatever you make it. Just remember to love yourself, be yourself, and always have a good laugh. 

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  1. When-D says:

    Very introspective. Keep thinking .., and of course writing 😉


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